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Our No-Dig Fence Installation Method

We show our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction by building stronger, more durable fences in the Indianapolis Indiana area with our no-dig fence installation method.

At Good Shepherd Fence Company, we use the no-dig installation technique for driving fence posts whenever possible for Indianapolis Indiana area properties. By eliminating the need for digging holes and disturbing the surrounding area, we save time, minimize mess, and ensure that our fence posts are securely set and won't budge.

With traditional fence installations, holes are dug several feet into the ground and filled with concrete to set the fence posts and replace the dislodged soil. Without concrete, the disrupted soil will never be compact enough to adequately support the fence posts, leading to the fence gradually settling and shifting over time. When installing a no-dig fence, the posts are driven directly into the ground to the proper depth using a post driver without pre-digging holes. When posts are driven, the soil is further compacted around the fence post to create a secure and strong post setting. By driving fence posts with the no-dig method, it allows us to create strong and long-lasting fences, providing you with the security and peace of mind you deserve.

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Indianapolis Indiana
No-Dig Fencing Benefits

Explore all of the reasons Indianapolis Indiana customers love no-dig fences from Good Shepherd Fence Company.

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Indianapolis Indiana
Faster Installation

Driving posts is the fastest way to install a Indianapolis Indiana residential or commercial fence. No-dig fences are set without pre-digging holes, which significantly cuts down on the installation time. Additionally, fence panels, rails, and pickets can be installed immediately after the posts are installed without waiting for the concrete to set. Our no-dig fences also eliminate the problem of digging holes in the frozen ground during the winter, meaning your Indianapolis Indiana fence can be installed year-round!

Indianapolis Indiana
Minimal Disturbances

Our no-dig fence installation method helps our fence crews keep your property neat. One of the major advantages of our no-dig approach is that we avoid having large piles of dirt that need to be removed or spread throughout your yard. By eliminating the need for extensive digging, we save you the hassle of dealing with all the extra soil, allowing you to enjoy a seamless installation process.

Indianapolis Indiana

Many traditionally installed fences are subject to frost heaves, which is the displacement of fence posts when the ground freezes. The concrete settings attract water underground and when the water freezes and expands, the posts are shoved upwards. Over time, this may lead to posts becoming displaced. However, our posts are driven without concrete and are set below the frost line, ensuring that the posts are resistant to displacement.

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The installation preparation for a no-dig fence is very similar to a traditional fence installation. The area around the fenceline needs to be clear of obstructions and your utilities must be clearly marked. After that, our crew will take care of the rest and get your new Indianapolis Indiana fence installed as soon as possible!

On average, no-dig fence installations are 30-50% faster than traditional installations, allowing our crew to complete more projects in a timely manner and finish your fence installation sooner! When you call our crew for an estimate, we will give you a projected installation date depending on the scope and complexity of your project.

Absolutely! We believe in providing our customers with a range of options to suit their preferences and style. You can choose from various materials, styles, and finishes to create a customized look that complements your property. Our experienced team will work closely with you to design and install a no-dig fence that meets your specific needs.

Yes, no-dig fences are just as durable as traditionally installed fences, and sometimes even more so! No-dig fence posts create a strong and sturdy structure that can withstand various weather conditions and last for years to come. Additionally, the metal posts used in our no-dig fences are resistant to rotting, rusting, and breakdown, creating a long-lasting fence.

Our no-dig fences require the same maintenance requirements as a traditional fence. Thanks to the sturdy materials and our secure installation method, our no-dig fences are less likely to become displaced, reducing the amount of maintenance you have to do.

Yes, no-dig fences are highly adaptable and can be installed on various types of terrain, including uneven surfaces. Our crew will advise you on the best installation method depending on your chosen fence material and the slope of your terrain.

Warranty Information

Here at Good Shepherd Fence Company, we offer our customers a Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty for your peace of mind, knowing that your fence project is in good hands.

Many of our fence products have Limited Lifetime Warranties, which may cover items such as rusts, cracks, abnormal weathering, and much more.

Examples of our No-Dig Fences

No dig cedar wood fence company in the Indianapolis Indiana area
No dig cedar wood fence company in the Indianapolis Indiana area
No dig pool wood fence company in the Indianapolis Indiana area
No dig fence installation company in the Indianapolis Indiana area
No dig fence installation company in the Indianapolis Indiana area
No dig fence installation company in the Indianapolis Indiana area
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