Contract Conditions


TERMS:50% down payment. Remaining balance due at the completion of the job. Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover Cards, or other electronic payments Accepted. Job must be paid for 100% completion post job completion. Payments are considered late after 15 days. Invoices that are 15 days past due will incur a 5% late fee of the remaining balance. Invoices that are 30 days post project completion will incur a 10% late fee of the remaining balance. Every 15 days an additional 5% of the remaining balance will be charged until the final balance is paid off. Payments not received within 30 days will go to collections on the 31st day after completion unless new payment terms are agreed upon by both parties. Completion is judged as the fence lines installed and gates hung. See workmanship warranty for items covered post project completion and final invoice paid. Financing available to qualified buyers. Less material will not be credited when installing custom ordered material such as PVC, aluminum, or steel products.

NOTICE:If contract is changed after installing crew arrives, or if our fence flags have been removed, there will be a $175.00 per hour charge for time lost. If contract is cancelled, the 50% down payment will not be refunded.

ACCEPTANCE:The proposal, when accepted by the Credit Good Shepherd Fence Company, at its main office becomes a contract between two parties and is only subject to cancellation by Good Shepherd Fence Company. This contract is payable in full after substantial completion of this work to be performed by Good Shepherd Fence Company pursuant to this contract, and purchaser agrees he shall be liable for all court costs, Attorney's fees, and other expenses incurred by Good Shepherd Fence Company in the collection of any amount due it for work performed ormaterials supplied pursuant to this contract. In case payment is not made as specified in Terms of Payment Good Shepherd Fence Company reserves the right to possess all materials used on this job without recourse. Property owner is solely responsible for locating, staking, and clearing fence lines by 3 feet or greater on each side; as well as locating underground sprinkler systems (heads and lines), private underground gas, and electric and drainage lines.

SPECIAL ORDERS:All material must be paid in full prior to ordering at 100%. There will be no refund if work is cancelled for any reason. Examples – aluminum, PVC, steel.

ACCEPTANCE OF CONTRACT: I have read the specifications and conditions herein and as stated on reverse side are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. They are authorized to do the work as specified. Payment will be made as outlined above.


Property Lines -If you are not sure of your property lines, you will need to locate them prior to installation. A certified stake survey of your property is recommended. Location reports, such as plot plans, lot diagrams and all other assumed descriptions are not guarantees of property lines. City and county ordinance and building permits are also the responsibility of homeowner. Homeowner may apply for variance to rectify ordinance.

Non-Public Underground Utilities -If you have installed underground lines to out-buildings, light poles, or any other areas, please locate before installation. Good Shepherd Fence Company will not be responsible for damage to non-public underground utilities or appliances due to improper marking or lack of marking.

Good Shepherd Fence Company Responsibilities:

Public Utilities -Public Utilities - Good Shepherd Fence Company will contact the major utilities and have them all marked prior to installation. This includes Cable TV, Electric, Gas, Water, Phone, and any other easements in your property. It is our recommendation for the homeowner to meet with the Supervising Foreman on the day of your installation. Layout will take 10-15 minutes to review all details. If the fence line is within 2 feet of the marked public utility, the homeowner will be held responsible for any incurred expense to repair damaged utilities.

Mechanic's Lien -Pursuant to the Indiana Mechanic's Act, as codified at Indiana Code Section 32-28-3-1 et seq.: These statutory mechanic’s lien rights provide that if lien claimant is not paid for its work, or any portion thereof, a mechanic's lien may be recorded against the project and its underlying real estate and all improvements thereon.

Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty -Good Shepherd Fence Company offers a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty on all fence products installed (this does not warranty natural characteristics of product, misuse/abuse, modified, altered, defaced, dryed lumber, cracked lumber, and/or had repairs made already). Our fence sign must remain on the fence for the lifetime of existence to ensure it is a GSFC build to receive the Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty, so we can address accordingly. IF you do not leave your fence sign on your product, you will receive no warranty.


*There is no warranty against warping on treated pine*


  • All wood, regardless of species of wood may split or crack
  • The natural drying process causes shrinkage and warpage.
  • Wood changes color when it ages.
  • Evidence of wood-borer tracings in red cedar species generally is not a problem.
  • Aluminum nails are used to prevent rust and streaking.
  • All wood fence weights and sizes are nominal.
  • Gaps will develop between pickets and boards.
  • Splitting near the end of a piece of wood when nailing during installation can occur.


  • Outside of post, exposed to sun, drys faster than inside of post, exerting pressure on outside, which can create warpage.
  • Hot, dry climate - wood cells lose water to the air moisture content, causing contraction.
  • Many turn grey and come turn almost black. It only means wood is drying out.
  • When the tree is cut, the woodborer generally “flies or dries,” and further wood-boring is improbable.
  • When the nails are driven into a piece of wood, usually the hammer knocks off the galvanized coating on the head of the nail.
  • Variation in moisture content and industry standards.
  • Every piece of wood is constantly taking on or giving off moisture in an attempt to reach the same moisture contents as that in the surrounding atmosphere. In a dry spell, wood shrinks, leaving gaps. After a heavy rain, the wood will expand and gaps will close.
  • Wood fibers split which, in turn, causes the split in the wood.

Good Shepherd Fence Co. - Job Facts and Conditions

Placing an Order:Before your purchase, please contact your sales representative with any questions or concerns. If you are ready to proceed, we will need for you to sign and date the Proposal Contract (which includes this Scheduling, Installation, Job Facts, and Customer Awareness Sheet), and place a deposit with your sales representative or our office at 317-786-2557. Once this information is received, we will proceed with ordering the needed materials and your project will be placed in our scheduling rotation. We cannot proceed with any material ordering or scheduling until this information is received by our office. Please remember that the final payment is due upon the completion of the fence. Please submit your final payment to our crew foreman or contact our invoicing department at 317-786-2557.

Layout Approval:Our production department will contact you two to four days prior to beginning your project. We will need someone to be on site to approve the initial layout and the gate placement at the time of post setting. We cannot proceed with the installation without on-site approval.

Plot Plans:It is of the upmost importance to understand that Plot Plans are only approximate and based upon limited accuracy measurements. A Staked Survey is highly recommend to show the true property lines. Good Shepherd Fence Company will not be held responsible for installing your fence based upon your Plot Plan measurements. Post Setting and Finishing: With all of our posts being set in wet concrete, we need to allow for the concrete to cure before finishing the fence. The finish will range from two to five days after the posts have been installed. GSFC also practices Dry-Pack processes that can allow for same day installs depending on footage and property.

Grade Concerns:Please note that not every grade is flat, smooth or perfect. We will do our best to maintain the fence as straight as possible on the top and do our best to keep it as close to the ground as possible at the same time. Due to most grades being uneven, the fence may not always be installed this way. If this is the case, you may need to have some gaps filled in under the fence after installation. We cannot be held responsible for uneven grade issues.

Delays in Schedule:Please note that all of our work is contingent upon the weather. Any and all weather related issues will change our installation schedule at any given time. It is common during peak season for all projects to be delayed due to our current backlog. We try our best to have all of our work scheduled in the order received. Our production department will contact you with any changes in the schedule. After your purchase, contact our production department with any scheduling and installation questions at 317-786-2557.

Customer Awareness

Public Underground Utilities:Good Shepherd Fence Company will contact the major public utilities and have these located prior to beginning the installation. This includes locating cable, electric, gas, water and phone. Private

Underground Utilities (non-public):Good Shepherd Fence Company will not be held responsible for damage to any private utility lines that have not been located by the customer. This includes, but is not limited to, irrigation/sprinkler systems (water and electric), swimming pool lines (water, electric and gas), sewer systems (including public, septic and fingers), downspout lines, sump pump lines, gas lines (grills, fire pits, heaters, fire places), electric lighting (landscape, security lights), invisible fence lines, etc…. Any additional private underground utilities that are not listed are still the responsibility of the customer to have located. As the customer, I agree that I am fully responsible for locating any and all private underground utilities on my property, even the ones that are not listed above, and that any damage that occurs to these private utilities will be at my expense.

Wood Material Notes:All wood, regardless of type, will split, crack, twist, warp and could arrive in various colors from our suppliers. Good Shepherd Fence Company does its best to select the best quality lumber available and because wood is not a manufactured product and is produced by various trees, no warranty or guarantee will cover splitting, cracking, twisting, warping or color difference. Dirt from the Digging of the Post Holes: The dirt is the responsibility of the customer to dispose of accordingly. The dirt will be left at each post, but can be removed for an additional fee, if desired. Please contact your sales representative for details.

Terms are subject to change at any given time.

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