Features of Commercial Chain Link Fencing

Our commercial fencing is packed with industry-leading features for commercial and mindustrial applications. Listed below, are just some of the features that make our commercial fencing the best option for Indiana area businesses.

features of commercial chain link fences
  • High Security Add-Ons

    We specialize in additional high security features - providing ultimate security and peace-of-mind.

  • Extra-Strong Metal Posts

    Our metal posts are up to 50% thicker than other posts used for commercial fencing.

  • Premium Metal Wire

    Our metal wire is thicker, stronger, and is fully coated for maximum strength and durability against the elements and tampering.

Popular Options

These are some of the most popular options for commercial chain link fencing in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

privacy options for chain link fencing in the Indianapolis, Indiana area

Commercial Chain Link Fencing
Privacy Options

You can get great privacy with a chain link fence by adding colored PVC or vinyl-coated slats inserted between the chain link fabric. This may not completely create full privacy, but it is great for providing very limited visibility through your fence. Colored vinyl screens can also be attached to your fence to create a semi-private barrier.

color options for chain link fencing in the Indianapolis, Indiana area

Commercial Chain Link Fencing
Color Options

Choosing PVC or vinyl-coated commercial chain link fencing from Good Shepherd Fence Company means you get to choose between our great color options. Our most available colors are black, brown, or green, though it is possible to special order from a selection of our manufacturer's other color options.

Security options for Chain Link Fencing in Indianapolis Indiana

Commercial Chain Link Fencing
Security Options

Commercial chain link fences are great for general security on their own, but when you need a fence that is built for high security, it's wise to add barbed wire or razor wire to the top of the fence frame. The options are endless! Speak to our team of fence experts to meet your specific security needs.

Talk to our Fence Experts

Have questions? Call one of our friendly fence experts at Good Shepherd Fence Company and get your questions answered. We're here to help you make this important investment decision for your residence in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

Examples of our Chain Link Fences

Commercial chain link fence company in Indianapolis, Indiana
Commercial chain link fences in Indianapolis, Indiana
Commercial chain link fence company in Indianapolis, Indiana
Commercial Indianapolis, Indiana chain link fences
Indianapolis, Indiana commercial chain link fence
Indianapolis, Indiana commercial chain link fence example
Commercial Fencing in Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana Commercial Chain Link Fence Company
Commercial fence company located in Indianapolis, Indiana
Commercial Chain Link Fence Installation in Indianapolis, Indiana
Commercial fencing service in Indianapolis, Indiana
Commercial Indianapolis, Indiana Fence Company
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Indianapolis, Indiana chain link fence faqs

Commercial Chain Link Fences FAQs

Answers to common questions

Commercial chain link fencing is an affordable way to get great security at your commercial property in Indiana. Simply get a quote from our team to find out what your specific project will cost. This will depend on the size of your space and extra features you choose. Our fence experts are experienced in getting the answers you need! You can also utilize our online fence estimator tool for a fast, no obligation quote in minutes!

Commercial chain link fences can come in a range of heights and grades based on your project needs. Chain link can be installed at residential grade strengths, commercial strength and industrial, as well. The main differences between each has to do with the gauge of the metal mesh and the thickness of each post. Discuss your specific needs with our fence professionals to find out which option works best for you.

Good Shepherd Fence Company is proud to offer our customers a 3 year workmanship warranty on every commercial chain link fence installation. The warranty includes anything related to the installation work that we do. We provide this warranty knowing that we strive for excellent quality on every project and we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction.

Commercial chain link fencing also comes with a warranty from the specific manufacturer of the particular style of fence. When you speak to our fence professionals, be sure to get all of the details and specifications for the chain link fence you are choosing.

Commercial chain link fencing is a fence material that requires little maintenance. When you have commercial chain link fencing installed, the most you will need to do is hose it down if any dirt accumulates. After many years if you notice any rust spots forming, there are cleaners made to remove them before they get worse. PVC or vinyl-coated chain link fencing is the same way! You will only need to rinse off the fence if any dirt or mildew accumulates. Gentle cleaners can be used if needed. Otherwise, your chain link fence will last a long time with virtually no care needed.

Yes! Commercial chain link fencing is a great option for all kinds of property applications in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. It is a strong, secure style of fencing that can withstand any harsh weather that comes through the region.


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