Indianapolis Indiana Residential Gates

A fence's reliability significantly depends on the robustness of its gate. Choosing a gate that combines aesthetic appeal with enduring strength is pivotal for your Indianapolis Indiana property.

No matter the fence type, we emphasize the reliability of our gates by working hand in hand with top-tier manufacturers. Our adept team utilizes their knowledge to assemble wood fence gates reinforced with metal frames, assuring remarkable quality and longevity. Thanks to the steel frames, our gates operate seamlessly, circumventing the prevalent sagging dilemma.

Furthermore, we grant a two-year warranty for the metal frame and hinges, underscoring our commitment to exceptional artisanship and your satisfaction.

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Residential and Commercial Gate

Discover why property owners in Indianapolis Indiana trust Good Shepherd Fence Company for their fence gate installations!

Custom Wood Gates in Indianapolis

Residential Gates

A robust fence gate elevates a mere fence to a solid protective barrier. Our gates stand as a formidable challenge to intruders, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and pets.

Residential Gates

Let your fence gate be an extension of your home's design. Choose a decorative style that resonates with your property's character and personal preference, be it modern or classic.

Residential Gates

Optimal positioning and sizing of your fence gate facilitate easy access. Whether you need gates on different sides or just a central entry, select from single swing gates or double and choose the gate width for pedestrian or vehicular movement.

Wood Gates

Consider your wood gate as a focal point, a unique detail that elevates the entire fence.

example of a wood walk gate in Indianapolis Indiana
  • Our wood gates, fortified with a steel frame and robust box hinges, are built to last.
  • With the utilization of Postmaster or upgraded posts, the durability of the gate is ensured.
  • For ultimate stability, we deeply anchor our gate posts.
  • The hardware, including high-quality latches and handles, is made from durable exterior-grade materials.
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Straight top style gate - Wood Gate

Straight Top

Lattice style gate  - Wood Gate

Lattice Top

Convex top style gate  - Wood Gate

Convex Top

Concave top style gate  - Wood Gate

Concave Top

Aluminum Gates

Your aluminum gate isn't just a functional necessity; it's a design statement. Let it be the highlight of your fence.

example of a residential aluminum gate in Indianapolis Indiana

Our aluminum fence gates are crafted in diverse designs and dimensions, available in both single-swing and double-swing styles. You can expect a consistent finish, ensuring a perfect blend of elegance and reliability.

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Aluminum Arched Top Swing gate contractor in Indianapolis Indiana

Aluminum Arched Top Swing

Aluminum Flat Top Swing gate contractor in Indianapolis Indiana

Aluminum Flat Top Swing

Aluminum Double Swing gate contractor in Indianapolis Indiana

Aluminum Double Swing

Aluminum Roller gate contractor in Indianapolis Indiana

Aluminum Roller

Vinyl Gates

Stunning Vinyl Gates for Style & Security From Good Shepherd Fence Company.

example of a residential vinyl gate in Indianapolis Indiana

Elevate your outdoor space in Indianapolis Indiana with a vinyl gate. With its blend of elegance and durability, a vinyl gate is a worthy addition. Its low-maintenance nature ensures your peace of mind. Our extensive vinyl gate collection ensures a match for every taste and requirement.

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Semi-Privacy Decorative vinyl gate contractor in Indianapolis Indiana

Semi-Privacy Decorative

Standard Semi-Privacy vinyl gate contractor in Indianapolis Indiana

Standard Semi-Privacy

Privacy Decorative vinyl gate contractor in Indianapolis Indiana

Privacy Decorative

Standard Privacy vinyl gate contractor in Indianapolis Indiana

Standard Privacy

Indianapolis Indiana Estate Gate Styles

Indianapolis IndianaEstate Gates

Our selection includes single swing, double swing, V-track slide gates, and cantilever gates, with four primary estate styles to grace your entrance. Whether you prefer Straight, Concave, Estate Arch, or Dome Arch, our gates amplify your property's security and aesthetic appeal, boosting its market value. Both for homes and businesses, our entrance gates combine elegance with a strong security statement.

Estate Gate Contractor in Indianapolis Indiana
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