About Wood Fences

Indianapolis properties look great and gain security with the installation of a quality wood fence installed by the professionals.

The natural material of wood fencing creates a fence that can be customized in many ways to match the specific needs and preferences of your project. Wood can be versatile in style and size and can be painted or stained to match nearly any possible color or hue.

Our craftsmen work with each customer to design the perfect fence for residential and commercial properties across the Indianapolis region. Our finished wood fences are built with high quality lumber and post protectors for longer lasting durability over time.

wood fencing in Indianapolis Indiana

Main Benefits of Wood Fencing

Whether it's for residential or commercial use, the many benefits of wood fencing make it a perfect solution for your fence needs.

Wood Fence Benefit - Strength

Wood Fences are Durable

Wood fencing can stand up to the Indiana weather for many years. A well-installed wood fence (properly maintenanced) will look great and hold up to even the harshest Indiana weather.

Wood Fence Benefit - Economical

Wood Fences are Economical

Wood is not only beautiful, but it is also among the most affordable types of fencing. Additionally, if your fence gets damaged, wood fences can often be repaired with a few boards instead of replacing entire panels like you would with vinyl or aluminum.

Wood Fence Benefit - Beautiful

The "Traditional" Look of Wood Fence

Many people simply prefer the natural look of wood fencing across many areas of Indiana. We agreee! In certain situations, wood fencing does "fit" the environment and surroundings like no other fencing material or option.

Instant Fence Estimator!

Comparing the pricing of different configurations, options, and styles is easy with our FREE online fence estimate tool. Let us help you decide what is best for your situation by providing you with an instant price quote.

Key Elements of Wood Fencing

Every wood fence we install comes with these important features, no matter what the design or size.

Wood fence features popular with Indianapolis Indiana homeowners

  1. Strong Posts - Our gate posts are made even stronger to prevent any sagging or damage to the gate itself.
  2. Wood Rails - Rails are required for every wood fence, whether it is a privacy fence or an open picket style. We build our wood fences with strong hardware to ensure the strength of every panel to keep your fence looking great for many years.
  3. Wood Pickets - You can count on our fences holding up to the Indiana climate due to the high quality of the wood we use for each picket and the expert workmanship of our fence installers.

Let's Work Together

If you are interested in a new fence in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, contact us today.

Good Shepherd Fence Company is here to help answer any questions you may have about fencing and the best options for your residential or commercial property.

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Examples of our Wood Fences

Wood Fence by Good Shepherd Fence - an Indianapolis Indiana fence company
Wood Fence by Good Shepherd Fence - an Indianapolis Indiana fence company
Wood Fence by Good Shepherd Fence - an Indianapolis Indiana fence company
Wood Fence by Good Shepherd Fence - an Indianapolis Indiana fence company
Wood Fence by Good Shepherd Fence - an Indianapolis Indiana fence company
Wood Fence by Good Shepherd Fence - an Indianapolis Indiana fence company
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DIY Fencing Material Sales in Indianapolis, Indiana


Looking for a DIY solution? MDWST FENCE stocks the best materials for any fencing job, large or small. Visit the link to find materials from entire DIY kits and materials for residential and commercial fencing and gates!


One of the best features of wood fencing is its ability to be customized to the specifications you prefer. Heights, widths, styles, and colors can all be customized based on your property and the plan we can create for you. Our fence experts are great at working with each customer to design the exact look and level of security you desire. Give our team a call today to get your questions answered.

The natural material of wood fencing makes it a fence that will be more susceptible to warping and rot over time. Our high quality wood fences will last many years with a little bit of care on your part. Choosing a good stain or paint to seal and protect your fence is the first step in helping it to last. The next step is to routinely check for any signs of aging or breakage as time goes on and repair anything needed as it arises. When you take time to give your fence proper maintenance and care, your wood fence can look vibrant and last for decades!

Depending on the specific project we design, we use pressure treated pine or western red cedar for our wood fences in the Indianapolis area. Both are solid materials that work well and look great!

At Good Shepherd Fence Company, we take pride in our work and want every customer to be satisfied with a high quality fence for many years. That's why we offer Woodguard posts for our wood fences. These posts are made with a patented engineering that puts together pine wood and a polymer plastic coating for a protection that will last well beyond any regular wood post that other companies install.

Wood fencing is a great type of fence to install at your residential or commercial property in Indiana. Most commonly used at homes and residences, wood fences work beautifully for establishing a strong border, creating privacy when needed and matching your look just the way you want it. It's always a good idea to explore your options with our fence professionals who can listen to your needs and help you determine what type of fence is the perfect fit for you.

Wood Fence FAQs

Learn more about wood fences.

wood fence faqs

Warranty Information

Here at Good Shepherd Fence Company, we offer our customers a Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty for your peace of mind, knowing that your fence project is in good hands.

Many of our fence products have Limited Lifetime Warranties, which may cover items such as rusts, cracks, abnormal weathering, and much more.

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