The anticipation of having a beautiful fence around your home can be exciting, but it’s essential to be well-prepared for installation day. If you don’t have any past experience with fence installation, you may be confused about how to prepare – that’s where the experts at Good Shepherd Fence Company come in! Our team is here to guide you through all of the steps you should take leading up to installation day for your Indianapolis residential fence

#1: Confirm the Location of Your Property Lines

The placement of your fence is a crucial part of the fence installation process because moving a fence after it has been installed is incredibly time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. It’s important to ensure that the information regarding your property lines is up-to-date and accurate. 

The best way to ensure that your property lines are accurate is to have a survey performed. A survey is crucial because it can help you avoid encroachments onto your neighbor’s property or potential legal disputes in the future. Property lines can be deceiving, and relying solely on assumptions or estimations can lead to costly mistakes.

#2: Speak to Your Neighbors

Before installing a fence, good communication with your neighbors is key! Sharing your potential plans with your neighbors creates a friendly, open relationship that shows you’re open to communication. Having a conversation with your neighbors allows you to alleviate any of their concerns early on and ensures a harmonious environment before, during, and after installation day. 

#3: Check Your HOA Regulations

Homeowners associations (HOAs) often have strict guidelines about the appearance of the houses in their neighborhood, including the fences they install. To prepare for installation, make sure your new fence will fit within the guidelines set out by your HOA including the height, material, and color of a proposed fence project.

Non-HOA communities may also have laws in place when it comes to fencing. Contact your local city or county office to find out what codes and restrictions might be in place for your neighborhood in the Indianapolis area. Avoid any issues with your new Indianapolis residential fence by performing your due diligence beforehand!

#4: Contact Local Utility Companies

One of the most important steps to take prior to installation day is to make sure that your utility lines are clearly identified and marked. Before scheduling your fence installation, you should contact your local utility company. They will come out and mark where underground water, electric, or gas lines are located. 

When our team of fence professionals comes out to install your fence, they will dig several holes all along the fence line to securely place the fence posts. Without clearly identifying your utility lines, they are liable to be damaged during the digging process. 

#5: Design Your Dream Fence

Once you have confirmed what style and materials are approved for your project, you can now reach out to the top fencing contractor in Indianapolis to get started on your project. At Good Shepherd Fence Company, we offer a variety of Indianapolis residential fence materials and styles to choose from including wood fences, vinyl fences, chain link fences, and aluminum fences.


To get started on building your perfect fence, check out our instant quote tool! Our quote tool allows you to see an aerial view of your property and lets you draw a fence along your property line. Once you have selected the location of your fence, you can compare a variety of fence materials and styles. 

#6: Prepare Your Yard

Once your fence is ordered and installation is scheduled, you will want to spend a little time to make sure that any items that could get in the way of or slow down installation are removed. Pick up any toys that are lying around the yard, dispose of any dog waste, and if necessary mow the grass. Taking care of these things beforehand will help the installation process move along quickly and smoothly. 

#7: Choose a Reliable Fencing Contractor in Indianapolis

Installing a new fence is a significant investment, so you want to make sure the company you choose not only offers quality products and workmanship but also provides excellent customer service. Good Shepherd Fence is a well-known and trusted fencing contractor in Indianapolis and is committed to providing you with fencing solutions that will go far beyond your expectations!

Get Started on Your New Fence Indianapolis Residential Fence Project!

After you have taken the time to look at our website and you’ve decided on the type and style of fence you wish to install, give our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts a call at  (317) 786-2557 to schedule a date for installation. You can also contact us online if you’d prefer. Good Shepherd Fence Company is a highly-rated fencing contractor in Indianapolis and is looking forward to helping you choose, purchase and install your brand new fence!