When increasing the security of your property becomes a priority, transitioning from a standard gate to one equipped with access control using a gate operator can be an excellent solution. As the name suggests, access control offers a way to safeguard and manage entry to a specific location or area. Indianapolis automated gates deliver convenience, security, and the flexibility to regulate access to your property. In this article, Indianapolis fence contractor Good Shepherd Fence Company provides essential information about automatic gates to help you determine if the advantages match up with your needs.

Understanding The Main Components of Indianapolis Automatic Gates 

The Gate Component

The type of gate you require depends on whether you’re upgrading your commercial or residential property, as numerous gate options are compatible with different operators. While pairing an operator with a new gate installation is straightforward, it’s also possible to integrate a gate operator into an existing gate at your Indianapolis home or business. However, feasibility hinges on your gate and fence’s setup and current condition.

Adding an Automatic Gate Operator

An automatic gate operator is a very specific unit of machinery that controls the movement of the gate through a switchboard and controls in order to make your gate open and close automatically. Gate operators can either be electrically powered or solar-powered. There are wired units available in a range of sizes and types, as well as wireless versions of some as well.

Types of Indianapolis Automatic Gates for Residential and Commercial Properties

Swing Gates

An automatic gate that works just as its title suggests is a swing gate. This hinged gate opens and closes like a regular door. It is often able to open and close more quickly than some other options, like a slide gate. Swing gates are available in one-leaf or two-leaf versions. They can swing out or swing in depending on preference and the property’s layout.

Slide Gates

One of the most common types of automatic gates is the slide gate, functioning precisely as its name implies: sliding horizontally back and forth in a straight line to permit entry. Typically, these gates offer heightened security compared to swing gates. Slide gates necessitate additional side room to accommodate them in the “open” position. They are installed with a metal track and rollers at the bottom to facilitate smooth movement across the area.

Barrier Gates

Barrier gate operators for commercial use excel in high-traffic zones, offering a safe and efficient solution for controlling vehicle flow. Typically found in parking lots and similar areas where vehicle access is limited but pedestrian access remains open, these gates feature a vertical arm that pivots in and out of the opening. While primarily restricting vehicle entry, they provide minimal security beyond that function.

Heavy Duty Gate Operators

Our heavy-duty swing gate operator with variable speed control solves the problem of moving the heaviest of gates. Both slide gate and swing gate operator styles keep warehouses, commercial properties, distribution facilities, and gated communities consistently secure and protected.

Dependable Access Control Systems 

Access control systems for Indianapolis automatic gates integrate with the gates to enhance security and convenience. These systems have an electronically locked gate linked to an access control server. Upon presenting the correct credential, the gate lock receives an electronic signal, permitting entry for authorized vehicles.


There are a few different types of Access Control Systems to choose from. Some of the most common are listed below:

  • Keypad Access System

This is perhaps the most straightforward and widely employed method in gate access control. Visitors are required to input a PIN to gain entry to the premises. Once the PIN is authenticated, access to the premises is granted.

  • RFID and Card Readers

RFID stands for “radio-frequency identification.” Typically, RFID access control systems employ keycards or fobs for property access. When a person scans their fob at the gate, the system verifies if it is registered. If it is, access is granted, and the gate opens.

  • Telephone Entry System

A telephone entry system is a form of access control that lets visitors request access. Like gate intercom systems, telephone entry systems allow you or tenants to open the door remotely for guests.

Quality and Safety of Gate Operators for Properties in Indiana

When installing an automatic gate system on your property, it’s crucial to adhere to proper safety protocols and ensure that the installation company follows best practices. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has developed a safety protocol program called Standard 325, to which all installers of Indianapolis automatic gates should strictly adhere. Their techniques and manuals help ensure that every gate incorporates necessary safety features such as warning signage, sensors, screening procedures, and other devices, creating a secure environment around using automatic gates from any manufacturer nationwide.


We are confident in our gate systems, so we provide manufacturer and workmanship warranties on all installations and repair work. For more information, check out the warranty page on our website and see why you can be confident when you partner with us for your new gate system.

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